The Beauty of Intention

Intention: an aim or a plan. This year, I’ve been meditating on the words “Do nothing without intention”. To do something with intention is to understand where you want to go and for what purpose. The beauty of intention is that even when you have a plan of where you are headed, you have no control on what that path consists of. Eventually you must surrender all control and have faith that you will be guided exactly where you need to be. Those intentions can bloom in the most unexpected ways. When things harmoniously come together in unforeseeable ways, that is truly beautiful. Not only is the intention present but now so is faith and acceptance. What’s meant for you can’t be taken from you, ever. Therefore, with intention, faith, and acceptance what you set out to do is going to manifest itself in whatever way God and the universe see fit. The universe works to keep itself aligned; you are a part of the universe. You are not here to suffer but to learn. Understand that you inherently can co-create your life with the divine but its not up to you to decide how it all plays out.

Affirm: I accept whatever the universe has for me. I walk with intention and if there is something bigger for me planned, I am open and receptive to that. I am aligned with my purpose and my life means more than I can ever articulate.

Peace, love, and enjoy your magical life


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  • Louis J. Banks Jr. on

    KIOTR…..👣 ❤️U!💋 I’m proud of young women you’ve become. The WORLD is yours!

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