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How I Cleanse and Recharge My Energy

 I myself, as well as many people on this planet am blessed with the curse of being an empath. An empath is a person with a heightened sensitivity to energy of all sorts. Empaths are very intuitive and often psychic. We deeply want to help people and sometimes it can be to our own detriment. I call it a blessed curse because in some cases our actions can really benefit someone’s life and we ‘ll thrive off that positive energy but in other cases we are susceptible to energy vampires and negative energy.

Working in the service industry I meet A LOT of energy daily. It ranges from positive, negative, draining, exciting, doubtful and anything you can think of. It’s like I’m a magnet and any energy near gravitates and latches on to me regardless of if I want it or not- like...girl, I didn’t ask for this! With that being said, I often find myself feeling low, sad, and inadequate even if nothing has happened to make me feel like that. For as long as I can remember I’ve dealt with having a wave of sadness fall over me unexpectedly and not knowing why or what to do about it. It would cause me to fight with my loved ones, cry uncontrollably, emotionally under-eat, lack motivation for anything and have insomnia. Before I learned how to tackle this feeling I would remain in a funk for weeks to months on end until I’d either get tired of feeling like that or had something come up that I was looking forward to. Now that I understand myself and my energy better, I can identify when this feeling comes over me and what I need to do to render it. I share this because at one point I felt alone in this feeling but I’m aware that there are people all over who know exactly what I’m talking about. My goal is to equip others with tools to realign themselves that can be done at any time of the day. I give you my 5 steps to cleanse and recharge your energy that collectively I call my Cleansing Ritual. 


Step 1: Listen to Singing Bowls

Sound frequency has been proven to heal our cells on an internal level. There are many videos of Tibetan bowls, sound baths, and sound frequencies catered to boosting energy, immune system support, chakra balancing and SO much more; here is one I use often Whenever I decide it’s time to start my Cleansing Ritual, I play one of these videos and get started when I feel called to whether that be immediately or several minutes after I started playing the music. 

Step 2:  Mindfully Clean My Home

Usually whenever I get into a funk my home isn’t in the best shape. My home is very important to me and my well-being is a reflection of my home. I believe a cluttered home yields a cluttered mind. Therefore, I tackle whatever needs to be picked up, cleaned or sprayed down depending on how my home looks. Sometimes it’s perfectly clean to my standards while other times a deep clean is necessary; whatever it may be. I clean how I see fit. Everything I do, I do it mindfully with my music playing near me. I mindfully wash the dishes, make my bed mindfully, and so on. To do things mindfully means while I move and work, I am aware of my breath and my focus is solely on that task. I’m not thinking of the past or the future, simply the present. When I finish cleaning, I use a cleansing agent like Palo Santo or sage to clear my space of any unwanted energy and send it out the window.

Step 3: Energy Cleansing Shower

I call these showers energy cleansing because they are way different than my normal shower. I set up my oil diffuser with my favorite scent combo, frankincense and sweet orange, with a candle lit and I let that smell marinate for a few minutes. I keep the lights off and allow the only light source to be my candle and my wax warmer. This sets the mood for my space to be comforting and calm. I then turn on music that has good energy so I can sing from the top of my lungs. My top three albums are Chilombo by Jhené Aiko ,A Seat at the Table by Solange  or When I Get Home by Solange .These albums have high vibrations and messages that resonate with my values therefore they are my go to. In the shower I start off with the hottest water my body can take. I love heat and hot showers warm my soul. I wash and exfoliate my face first then I exfoliate my body. While I do that I’m singing, taking my time, and intentionally scrubbing any negative or low vibrational energy that may be trapped in my aura. I say this verbally and mentally repeatedly then rinse my body with the same intention. Next I lather my body with my favorite body wash, again with the intention of removing negative low vibrational energy from my aura. I turn the water to very cold and breathe deeply and rinse my body like that. The cold water really penetrates my aura and I can energetically feel a change and any heaviness leaving my space. While under the cold water I pray and express my gratitude then recite my affirmations: “I am peace. I am love, I am a divine spirit in a human body, the universe supports me, I am protected, I am creative, I am more than my emotions.” And I hold my self while doing so. Being under the cold water reminds me that I am capable of anything and my mind is stronger than I know. It also feels amazing once you do it for a while. Whenever I feel called to, I turn the temperature to warm and finish out my shower singing, dancing, stomping and whatever else my body needs. By this point I feel born again, I feel pure and full of exciting energy. This process usually takes 30-35 minutes. I take my time, stop in between steps and sing and dance and do whatever my hearts desires. I’m in my own world and I’m being mindful of the present. 


Step 4: Moisturize and Dance

Once I’m finished with my shower I moisturize my body with my Avon Skin So Soft lotion and finish my skin care routine. I lock in that good energy and continue dancing, singing and giving thanks. I do this naked in the mirror and admire my whole body for all that it is. There is no greater feeling than looking at yourself in your purest form with admiration and love. No judging is allowed only appreciating. I dance to the music, I twerk, spin and move however I want because no one is watching!


Step 5: Dress Comfy and Sexy


I always put on an outfit that has soft fabric, fits me nicely, and shows a little skin. That’s my personal style and what makes me feel sexy so that’s how I dress. I then fix up my hair a bit, take pictures of myself, sit on my bed and journal, go outside, eat, watch something, or even just go to sleep. I do this at any time of the day so once I’m dressed, I just move on with my day however that may look which wraps up my Cleansing Ritual. 


Once I complete all those steps, I always feel much better. I’m bubbly, energized, and feel 100x lighter. Sometimes I will do a yoga flow as my step 1 but I usually don’t feel like it or don’t have the motivation, so I just don’t. The most important thing in all of this is to do what I feel called to. I don’t force nor do I judge I simply let what it is be. In their own way these activities recharge my each of my 7 chakras. 


Root chakra: dancing

Sacral chakra: showering, honoring my body and emotions, dressing comfortably 

Solar plexus: the positive affirmations and putting in the effort to tackle the funk

Heart chakra: the positive affirmations and the whole Cleansing Ritual demonstrates self-love and self-care

Throat chakra: singing

Third eye chakra: trusting my intuition and inner knowing that there is an imbalance 

Crown chakra: going outside and connecting with nature and being mindful 


There is no right or wrong way to do a Cleansing Ritual if it speaks to you. You know yourself better than anyone else. Take time to learn about what you need and what makes you feel good. Trust yourself and love yourself, you’re doing the best you can and the best you can is simply enough. You are enough. Peace, Love, and Enjoy your magical life.

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