Care Instructions

Follow these instructions to maintain the integrity of your SB Myndful products.

Cotton Tote Bags: The Universe Tote, The Square Tote, The Gemini Tote (not with paint)

Machine wash cold. Tumble dry low. Iron on medium to high heat. 

Headbands and Scarves

Machine wash cold on gentle or hand wash. Hang to air dry or tumble dry low. Iron using medium heat.

The Chicago Totes:

Hand wash in cold water. Tumble dry low briefly, then remove and hang to air dry. Stuff bag with a towel to hold it’s shape. Iron bag from the outside then on the inside to smooth it out and return to its original shape using medium to high heat. 

Art (Painted)  Bags: 

Do not use soap. Hand wash in cold water. Spot treat as much as possible, if necessary machine wash cold on gentle cycle. Hang to air dry. Tumble dry briefly on low heat if necessary.