Spill It! Tea for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

  If you’re a tea drinker like me now would be the perfect time to steep you a cup and cuddle up with a good read. To say that I love tea would be an understatement. I am drunk in love for a cup of tea, okay. The use of herbal tea for its medicinal properties can be dated back centuries in China, Japan, and India. There have been few studies to test the scientific accuracy of herbal medicine, but the eastern world has been practicing and recording said practices and passing them down for thousands of years.

  These days I gravitate toward and have been educating myself more about the eastern medicine approach because it simply makes sense to me. To be specific, Chinese medicine defines the human body as the small universe and the earth as the large universe. The body and the earth both function as one alone as well as function as one together. The seasons of the earth are the moods of the body and both of those correspond together. To be a person in good health is to be in harmony or alignment with the earth. When the earth goes through change the body must adapt to maintain that alignment because when out of alignment the body becomes sick. That balance comes from an equal amount of yin (passive) and yang (active) qualities in all aspects of life. Herbal medicine comes into play when the body becomes sick and a variety of herbs are used to treat the sickness. The human race got to where we are now by honoring the land and the body through herbs, movement, acupuncture, astronomy and astrology. I believe these practices shouldn’t be neglected for modern medicine nor should they be treated by westerners as a new concept like giving it the name of alternative medicine then monetizing off of that. I encourage you to look into how to harmonize yin and yang qualities in your life. As a disclaimer I want to note that I am not a health professional and my knowledge on the benefits of herbal tea is based mainly on my personal experience and different research that I’ve done over the years, though a lot of this information hasn't been scientifically proven. Consider this a guide to 7 different teas you can drink that may benefit certain areas of your body along with links at the end of my favorite version of these teas.

Peppermint Tea

  Rich in menthol, a natural muscle relaxer, peppermint tea is amazing for stress relief and easing pain and healthy digestion. It is great to use to diminish headache pain and sore throats as well as anxiety because of its calming effects. The natural peppermint taste and smell works to eliminate bad breath and is caffeine free

Lavender Chamomile Tea

  Chamomile tea is widely known for its use to treat insomnia. If you find any sort of sleepy tea in the store, chances are the main ingredient is chamomile. I like to take mine to the next level by adding lavender plant or buying a lavender chamomile tea. The lavender plant alone has properties that combat depression, anxiety, and restlessness. Chamomile tea is caffeine free

Rooibos Tea

  Meaning ‘red bush’, the red colored Rooibos herb is native to South Africa. Ironically the red herb has great benefits to our mighty red organ, the heart. Rooibos lowers the LDL (bad cholesterol) and raises the HDL (good cholesterol) in the body. Having that balance of LDL and HDL is major in preventing heart conditions. It is caffeine free which makes it a popular alternative to green tea and black tea. 

Green Tea Kombucha

  It is no secret that green tea is probably the best all around tea. It is full of antioxidants which are important for your overall health. Antioxidants protect your cells from free radical molecules that are produced during digestion or from exposure to cancer causing chemicals like tobacco smoke or radiation. When your cells reproduce it is imperative they reproduce healthy cells and not unhealthy cells that can lead to sickness. Green tea also contains caffeine, which in smaller dosages improves brain function and memory while boosting energy and mood levels ; it contains less caffeine than coffee which can lead to a more stable dose of energy. Kombucha on the other hand is a fermented probiotic tea that is a source of good bacteria critical to gut health. Gut health is seriously so important if you didn’t know. To have healthy bacteria in your gut aids in building a strong immune system to fight off infectious bacteria or viruses. Your gut health also affects your brain and hormones, thus affecting your overall well-being. When you put the two together, you’ve got a match made in heaven health wise and taste wise.

Ginger Turmeric Tea

  This potent spice is one of my favorite herbal teas. Ginger root contains gingerol which has major medicinal components like being anti-inflammatory. It aids in digestion and nausea. If you’re looking for something to relieve menstrual cramps this is the one. Ginger activates the metabolism making it a good addition to anyone wanting to lose weight. My parents who have high blood pressure enjoy ginger tea because it can lower your blood pressure and cholesterol. Turmeric is also a potent spice that carries antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Anti-inflammatories are important because excess inflammation in the body can lead to digestive problems and other health concerns. Ginger tea is caffeine free

Reishi Mushroom Tea

  Reishi mushroom is a fungus and superfood loaded with antioxidants and is rich in vitamins.  Mushrooms grow in India making them very popular in eastern medicine. Like I mentioned with green tea, antioxidants are so important to maintaining healthy cells in your body. The combination of vitamin B in mushroom aids in healthy red blood cells beneficial to brain health and anti aging. It also contains vitamins that contribute to a healthy immune system  Whenever I need to give my immune system some love I usually reach for Reishi mushroom tea and it is caffeine free

Hibiscus Tea

  Last but certainly not least, we have Hibiscus tea. Hibiscus tea has properties similar to almost all of these teas that can lower blood pressure, deliver antioxidants to the body and also assist in liver healthIn my opinion, hibiscus tea is one of the best tasting teas for someone who isn’t very fond of tea. It is sweet and fruity and deliciously served hot or iced.  In addition with honey or agave nectar, hibiscus tea is the perfect warm weather drink on ice. It is calorie and caffeine free so you can enjoy it at any time of your day.

  Even as a child, one of my go to forms of self care is having a cup of tea. Without always realizing it, I'm giving my body necessary components to allow her to function properly. Put good things in your body and good things will come out whether that be in the form of health, love, or luck. You put out what you put in. Put some love into yourself today. Know that you are divine, you are bountiful, and you are perfect; then put out love to others just because you can. Shine your light in someone's life because you never know how much they may need it. A candle never went out by lighting another, but don't forget to light yourself first. Peace, love, and enjoy your magical life.


My Favorite Teas

Peppermint Tea

Lavender Chamomile

Chai Rooibos

Green Tea Kombucha

Ginger Tumeric

Hibiscus Tea

Reishi Mushroom

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